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Every marriage has a story

We’ve all gathered some precious ones over the years, and a few painful stories we’d rather forget; marriage isn’t always easy.

I Do Part Two is a collection of authentic marriage stories written by couples just like you. The authors have chosen to show their vulnerability by sharing stories they hope will enrich your most important relationship.

Some offer encouragement, and others share their experiences of overcoming challenges in hopes of helping your relationship thrive and reminding you, you’re not alone.

Whether this is your first marriage or your fifth, you’re widowed, divorced or you’ve just recommitted to the same spouse for the umpteenth time…

We hope you’ll join us in making your Part Two…even better than Part One!

Have you ever listened to someone’s story and thought, “Wow, I thought I was the only one?”

If you’ve ever felt that way, then I Do Part Two is for you!

Real people. Real stories.

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Why Part Two?

Why Part Two?

3 Minute Read So many of you have asked, why did I name this blog—I Do Part Two?  Why, Part Two?  Because 'Part Two’ means something different to each of us, it’s as varied as all of our marriage experiences. I wanted 'I Do Part Two' to be a space where...

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