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Writers FAQ’s

How do I submit my article for publishing on I Do Part Two (IDPT)? Please follow the submission form on the Submit My Story icon on the Share Your Story Page. Please note: IDPT reserves the exclusive right to decide if your article fits our mission guidelines.

How many times can you submit different articles? We encourage you to submit as often as you wish.

Does my article need to be completely edited? Yes, IDPT assumes your article will be ready for publishing upon receipt. Please note: your submission gives IDPT permission to make minor grammatical corrections without seeking your approval.

If my article is selected for publishing on IDPT, can I republish my article? Yes, you have permission to republish i.e. share your article, but ONLY from a link on IDPT’s website, IDPT’s Facebook or Instagram, or other IDPT social media accounts. 

Can I submit previously published articles? If you can prove, to IDPT’s satisfaction, that your article has only been published on your own personal social media accounts or your own personal blog, IDPT may consider your original work for republishing on IDPT. Articles originally published on a third-party site, MAY NOT BE REPUBLISHED ON IDPT as there are legal ramifications for doing so without their permission.

May I submit an article anonymously? Anonymous submissions will be considered if you can prove, to IDPT’s satisfaction, that you are a real person, the article is your original work and it has not been previously published on a third party site; other restrictions may apply.

How long will it take to know if my article has been selected for publishing? Typically two to three weeks; restrictions may apply. 

What if my article is time-sensitive or seasonal, will I hear back from IDPT sooner? Yes, if your article is seasonal, based on a holiday or current event, please check that box on the submission form so we can consider it for publishing sooner.

Readers FAQ’s

Please email I Do Part Two any questions you may have, we look forward to hearing from you!