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I Do Part Two is a collaborative effort, and we welcome new and seasoned writers.
“We’re aspiring to offer our readers authentic and engaging content that has meaningful and often powerful messages behind them.” -Lisa Speers

 I Do Part Two is seeking interesting marital stories others will relate to. They may be humorous, intensely personal, or illustrate how you overcame a specific challenge.

We encourage 600 to 1,000-word articles or shorter posts which can be a few sentences up to a few paragraphs in length. You may submit your own related non-copywritten photo for consideration.

Your original story will be promoted on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more. 

If your submission is selected for publishing, we encourage you to promote and share from I Do Part Two’s website on all your social media channels! 

What should you write about?
Regardless of your marital status today, you have unique relationship experiences to share and I Do Part Two would love to help you share them with the world.

Do you need to have resolved your challenge to write about it? No, but we are seeking articles which illustrate your own personal experience attempting to resolve your challenges.


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What if I want to share the advice I received from an expert in my story?  Definitely, we encourage you to write it from your own experience rather than telling our readers what they should do. Please cite all sources, as this will also help your viewership by I Do Part Two tagging the source on social media.

We are often asked if contributors must be currently married to write for us? No, we often learn the most from those who have experienced intense challenges, whether it is from the loss of a loved one or the trials of divorce. 

If you have more questions, please click here to review our Frequently Ask Questions or Contact Us!  

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